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Merging of Technologies

Racepak’s Vantage CL1 represents a merging of
mobile, data and instrumentation technologies into
the most advanced, yet user friendly karting
data system available.


Vantage CL1 Explained

We discuss the design of the CL1, which ultimately
helps you to lower your lap times.

Vantage CL1 Explained

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The D3 app provides complete
instrumentation for the driver, gathers all
sensor information wirelessly from the CL1
data box AND uploads real time data to your
secure Racepak cloud account, utilizing
the phone’s cellular capabilities.


The Technology Behind it All

Mobile Devices

Mobile Technology Based

Modern mobile phones and tablets are highly advanced and very rugged electronic devices, engineered to withstand tremendous abuse by the average consumer. Racepak’s D3 Karting app utilizes the extraordinary processing power, high resolution display and internal wireless capabilities of mobile devices, to deliver the most advanced karting system on the market. A kart mounted D3 app equipped mobile phone functions as a wireless receiver for the CL1 data box sensors, data recorder, on-track instrumentation, data analysis device and when cellular activated, automatically uploads all data to the users Racepak cloud account for real time or post run outing data review.

Data Analysis Redefined

Data Analysis Redefined

Racepak’s D3 data analysis app represents an entirely new concept in data analysis. Designed from the ground up for use on tablets and mobile phones, no longer are users confined to traditional mouse, point and click single dimensional data. Instead data now comes to life with gaming inspired TouchMap 3D track mapping capabilities using touch, pinch and swipe commands, over 1500 pre-loaded worldwide track maps, Google map overlays and high resolution graphing analysis allowing you to easily understand where driver and kart performance gains can be found. Data is stored locally on the mobile phone device mounted on the kart, ready for immediate review, or available remotely with Racepak’s optional AIR Cloud technology.

Data on Demand

Data on Demand

The 21st century world is one of wireless connectivity, anytime anywhere. Racepak now brings this same connected convenience to the karting marketing. The use of a kart mounted, D3 equipped cellular enabled mobile phone provides the ability to stream live, on track data to your personal Racepak cloud account, which is then viewable from any internet connected D3 mobile device, anywhere in the world. From your trackside crew to your engine builder located across the country, the ability to view live or previously recorded data provides a tremendous winning advantage.

Onboard Instrumentation

Onboard Instrumentation

The graphics capabilities of a modern mobile phone provides unparalleled information to the driver. Beyond the standard engine sensors, the D3 app provides a constantly updated difference between the current lap and fastest lap of the outing, current lap number, best lap of the outing and number and the ability to instantly view all lap times upon return to the pit area, along with user defined warnings for the driver.

CL1 Specs

CL1 Data Box

  • 8 total external sensor inputs through 4 connectors
  • 4 user programmable Analog
  • 4 user programmable Digital
  • Hz to 50 Hz sample rate per channel, user defined
  • 20 Hz GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • PWR connector for USB powered battery charger
  • CAN input for future expansion
  • GPS connector
  • 4 Rechargeable AA Batteries
  • Rubber Isolation Mounting Feet
  • Total weight: .5 lbs / 8 ounces
  • Dimensions: 3.25” x 3.00” x 1.625” / 8.22cm x 7.62cm x 4.12cm

Racepak Vantage CL1 Kit 20100-2001 Includes

  • CL1 Data Box
  • RPM / Temperature Harness
  • Engine RPM wire pickup
  • USB charging cable
  • Charging cable to CL1 adapter
  • GPS Antenna
  • Universal mobile phone mount bracket

D3 App

Download from the Apple Store Download from the Google Play Store


The D3 app utilizes the familiar touch, swipe and pinch functions of mobile devices, providing the most advanced, yet user friendly data analysis experience available. In addition, on track data can be viewed live, anytime, anywhere a cellular connection is available.

Racepak Cloud

IImagine the convenience of remotely viewing live and recorded data from an internet connected mobile device, anytime, anywhere in the world. The D3 app and subscription cloud service makes this a reality.

Racepak’s exclusive, patent pending cloud technology is designed to provide safe, secure and seamless access to all your stored data, utilizing the latest in commercial, enterprise level remote server technology.

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Available Tracks


Get up to 2 remote users and cloud storage of all your run data accessable anywhere with a wifi or celluar connection.

$9.99 Per month
billed monthly


Get cloud storage of all your run data accessable anywhere with a wifi or celluar connection for 1 year. Unlimited access for individual and teams.

$99.99 Per year
billed yearly
The New D3 for Karting App

D3 App

D3 app now available on the App Store
and Google Play for phones and tablets.

Download from the Apple Store Download from the Google Play Store

Race Dash Screen

Provides instrumentation, including Engine RPM, Head Temperature, Exhaust Temperature and more.

Race Dash Screen

Pit Dash Screen

Provides the ability to live view current data values of all sensors connected to the DL1 Data Box, in order to quickly verify status. Four user defined live view sensor inputs, Easly monitor Engine Temperature, Exhaust Temperature, Engine RPM, Wheel RPM, CL1 data.

Pit Dash Screen